Let me apologize in advance for my (almost) complete ignorance of everything build related:  Maven, Ivy, Ant, etc.  Sorry!


For Solr-3430, I am introducing a dependency to derby.jar, which will be needed only to run DIH tests.  So I don't want it included in the Solr .war.  It just needs to be in the classpath when junit runs.


1. Where should I put the .jar/licence/notics/sha1 files?

2. How do I modify the build so that it will be in the classpath for running tests only?

3. What do I need to do to get ivy and maven to pick it up?

4. I'll try my best to get the eclipse/intellij setup correct but I'm only able to test eclipse.


I really want to get this right so please give advice.  Thanks.


James Dyer

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