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From "Uwe Schindler" <>
Subject Re: TestRealtimeGet on Windows
Date Wed, 16 May 2012 14:57:21 GMT

This is not the case, ignore my previous mail!

The test method with the problem is using Solr's API, so I have no idea
which codecs or whatever it uses. It seems like a starvation/deadlock
problem. But all CPUs are tied 100% and my computer (also mouse cursor
stands still).

I opened and disabled the
test for now.


> OK, found out:
> The test runs endless also on my local machine, what happened:
> - SerialMergeScheduler
> - SimpleText codec
> That says everything. I have no idea why it is faster on Linux, but that
> is a quite common config I get here also with other seeds.
> So we should annotate that test with the SuppressCodecs() annotation. Any
> ideas what codecs to suppress?
>>> How top get the seed? The test passed and I only see the ANT output
>>> like
>>> listed in the above URL. I only see the master seed, does this help to
>>> execute this one test isolated?
>> The master seed is what matters. Everything else is a derivation of
>> that -- if you filter (narrow down to a particular method) that method
>> will still get an identical starting seed derived from the master.
>> That's also the reason the master seed is always printed by junit4 as
>> in here:
>>     [mkdir] Created dir:
>> C:\Jenkins\workspace\Windows-Lucene-Solr-tests-only-trunk-java7\solr\build\solr-core\test
>>    [junit4] <JUnit4> says aloha! Master seed: 4877EC7806E56AF3
>> Note that the execution here:
>> had errors prior to the "long" test -- maybe this is what's causing
>> the slowdown somehow? I'd try to re-run the same set of classes with
>> the same master seed, without narrowing to that particular suite; may
>> be a dependency issue.
>>> Sorry, I am uninformed about randomizedrunner :-)
>> Not a problem. I'll try to provide feedback; ping me directly if I
>> miss an e-mail or a problem (it can happen given the amount of email
>> junk I get).
>> Dawid
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