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From Eric Pugh <>
Subject SolrCloud use of "bootstrap_conf" versus "bootstrap_confdir"?
Date Fri, 18 May 2012 12:56:24 GMT
I was writing some unit tests to setup a traditional Master/Slave environment as well as a
new SolrCloud based environment.  In playing around with code based on TestMultiCoreConfBootstrap,
I learned about the "bootstrap_conf" system property which bootstraps your current configuration
into ZK, and is a boolean, versus "bootstrap_confdir" which is a string passing the name of
the directory.

Are they both needed?  Seems like either both should always be there, or just bootstrap_confdir.
 It seemed just a bit confusing, and very magical.

Also, if you just use "bootstrap_conf", then the "collection.configName" parameter is ignored,
you always just get "collection1".   This is without a predefined set of cores in solr.xml,
which may make sense...?

	  public void testMultiCoreConfBootstrap() throws Exception {
//	    System.setProperty("bootstrap_conf", "true");
		System.setProperty("bootstrap_confdir",getSolrHome() + "/conf");
	    cores = new CoreContainer(home, new File(home, "solr.xml"));
	    SolrZkClient zkclient = cores.getZkController().getZkClient();
	    // zkclient.printLayoutToStdOut();
	    assertTrue(zkclient.exists("/configs/leads/solrconfig.xml", true));
	    assertTrue(zkclient.exists("/configs/leads/schema.xml", true));
//	    assertTrue(zkclient.exists("/configs/core0/solrconfig.xml", true));
//	    assertTrue(zkclient.exists("/configs/core1/schema.xml", true));


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