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From "Jack Krupansky" <>
Subject MISSING sha1 checksum file messages for two new jars
Date Wed, 16 May 2012 00:51:10 GMT
My svn checkout from last week was building and testing fine, but when I did an svn checkout
a little while ago I starting getting “MISSING sha1 checksum file” messages for two jars
that just got downloaded by ivy. The messages say “check the logs”, but I’m not sure
what the logs would tell me in terms of some action I should take. I checked the build.xml
and saw a target name="jar-checksums" description="Recompute SHA1 checksums for all JAR files.",
so I ran that target successfully and now the two checksum messages are gone and the tests
are running.

So, either:

1. Could the message be changed to say “run ant jar-checksums” rather than “check the
logs”, or
2. Could the jar checksum re-calculation be done automatically when new jars are downloaded?

Or, is there some other action I should have taken when ant clean test produces these errors?

Or, is this an indication of some other issue or step I should have taken between svn checkout
and ant clean test?

And let me know if this is an issue that I should file a Jira issue on, as opposed to something
I was supposed to do myself in the build process.

BTW, this is on Windows 7, cygwin bash.

Here is the error output:
[licenses] MISSING sha1 checksum file for: C:\cygwin\home\projects\lucene_trunk\lucene\test-framework\lib\junit4-ant-1.4.0.jar
[licenses] MISSING sha1 checksum file for: C:\cygwin\home\projects\lucene_trunk\lucene\test-framework\lib\randomizedtesting-runner-1.4.0.jar
[licenses] Scanned 20 JAR file(s) for licenses (in 2.00s.), 2 error(s).

C:\cygwin\home\projects\lucene_trunk\build.xml:55: The following error occurred while executing
this line:
C:\cygwin\home\projects\lucene_trunk\lucene\build.xml:174: The following error occurred while
executing this line:
C:\cygwin\home\projects\lucene_trunk\lucene\tools\custom-tasks.xml:22: License check failed.
Check the logs.

And here is the output from when those jars were apparently downloaded:

[ivy:configure] :: loading settings :: file = C:\cygwin\home\projects\lucene_trunk\lucene\ivy-settings.xml

[ivy:retrieve] downloading
[ivy:retrieve] ......................... (911kB)
[ivy:retrieve] .. (0kB)
[ivy:retrieve]  [SUCCESSFUL ] com.carrotsearch.randomizedtesting#junit4-ant;1.5.0!junit4-ant.jar
[ivy:retrieve] downloading
[ivy:retrieve] ..... (140kB)
[ivy:retrieve] .. (0kB)
[ivy:retrieve]  [SUCCESSFUL ] com.carrotsearch.randomizedtesting#randomizedtesting-runner;1.5.0!randomizedtesting-runner.jar

     [echo] Building analyzers-common...

-- Jack Krupansky
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