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From "Uwe Schindler" <>
Subject Re: New Jenkins for Windows and Linux
Date Wed, 16 May 2012 09:07:24 GMT
> "org.apache.solr.core.TestSolrDeletionPolicy1.testCommitAge fails almost
> always on Windows"
> It hasn't been failing for me. I just ran the tests again.
> This is on Windows 7 Home Premium on an i5-based notebook PC. Maybe it is
> sensitive to the particular environment or to some side effect of
> virtualization.


I reproduced it (and other tests Solr also failing) with Windows on my
Local machine running Windows 7 Prof 64bit, too. I think those errors may
come from the fact that Windows does not allow writing/deleting files that
are already open. I almost never run Solr tests on my windows machine, as
it takes too long (horrible long), so I gave up on investigating this.

With this Jenkins installation we are now able to handle that.
I drilled down the windows tests to only run as a simple Jenkins Ant Build
step; I will also make a copy of these Jobs on one of Apache's Windows
slaves (if possible and works).

> -- Jack Krupansky
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> From: Uwe Schindler
> Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2012 7:45 PM
> To:
> Subject: New Jenkins for Windows and Linux
> Hi,
> I set up a new Jenkins server that runs Linux and Windows builds (both 64
> bit, running Java 7 and Java 6 latest):
> The machine is running Ubuntu and has a 64 bit Windows 7 Professional
> installation in a VirtualBOX VM managed by the Jenkins Master and some
> local
> scripts (Thanks to Garrett Serack for providing Apache with MSDN
> licenses).
> If new failure emails are coming, please look at them. Robert and me found
> out:
> - The ongoing Solr test failures in TestReplicationHandler are also
> happening (quite often on Linux, so definitely *not* an FreeBSD issue)
> - org.apache.solr.core.TestSolrDeletionPolicy1.testCommitAge fails almost
> always on Windows, I think the custom Deletion Policy of Solr does not
> work
> correctly on Windows
> You can see this as a test installation on my own company's (I am the
> owner)
> server until we have a dedicated Ubuntu slave running at Apache or in any
> other data center. The setup of the windows-slave in a VirtualBox on Linux
> was doable, but complicated, so I can help with that (the problem was not
> VirtualBox, it was Windows 7 with its horrible security setting regarding
> DCOM/Remote Registry access and User Group rights). The windows box has
> now
> 2 NICs, one using NAT to internet for IVY & Co and one private one only
> for
> communication between Jenkins master and slave, which is completely
> private
> (it passes all horrible DCOM/SAMBA stuff between master and slave).
> Firewall
> was turned off in Windows, otherwise it does not work (same applies to
> spaces in windows user name -> bug in Jenkins :( )
> Uwe
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