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From Nagendra Nagarajayya <>
Subject Contribute 4.0 NRT source
Date Wed, 30 May 2012 13:49:06 GMT

I would like to contribute a more granular NRT implementation as to 
soft-commit (enabled with the realtime tag). This does not close the 
SolrIndexSearcher instances but keeps passing the NRT reader as a 
parameter to the searcher maintaining the searcher paradigm of being 
lean and stateless. Everything works as before if realtime is not 
enabled. With realtime enabled, the reader passed to the searcher is an 
NRT enabled reader allowing the most recent docs to be found. Since a 
reader is passed as a parameter the need to close and create a 
SolrIndexSearcher object is not needed and so the caches structures in 
SolrIndexSearcher do not need to be invalidated. SolrIndexSearcher is a 
heavy object, not closing/creating a new one, including the caches leads 
to improved NRT performance.

Do I need to make a patch or should I open a JIRA and attach the source 
to the JIRA ?


Nagendra Nagarajayya

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