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From Robert Muir <>
Subject Re: Ant version for building Solr
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2012 17:17:16 GMT
On Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 1:10 PM, Dawid Weiss
<> wrote:
>>> That's not what I meant.  I meant why don't we test against Ant 1.8 and make
*that* the version we recommend?  It is the latest Ant release, after all.
>> Someone has to do the work, thats all. It would be nice in my opinion,
>> we would also have some new features available.
> For what it's worth I'm using the latest Ant (1.8.x) under mac, linux
> (ubuntu) and windows. Didn't go through every scenario Robert
> mentioned but everything I did go through works for me. Mike
> experienced truncated logs with 1.8, I experienced messed up stack
> traces with 1.7. 1.7 also has terrible resource collections
> performance. There are pros and cons to both I guess.
> I'm for switching to 1.8. I can do at least some checks that Robert
> mentioned if this is needed.
>> Does everything work correctly on different platforms people use
>> (windows, unix, mac)?
> Works for me ;) Feel free to add what needs to be checked here --
> I'll go through these in my spare cycles.

Thanks for doing some preliminary checks. Like I said, I'm not against
it, in fact I think I have an open issue somewhere to upgrade :)
I could also test some platforms and especially packaging.

I just want us to be careful before upgrading, and when we do it, we
should upgrade the ant on jenkins and all that to the version we
intend to support. Its a symlink so we can keep the old one in case
all hell breaks loose ...

We should also think about which bugfix level of 1.8 we require. I
know a version of 1.8.x (not sure which one) ships by default on mac,
which may have urged David to start questioning why we have this
verbage. will any of the 1.8's work? or do we need 1.8.1 as a minimum,
etc, because of some bugs that would break things.


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