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From Dawid Weiss <>
Subject Long jenkins builds with clover/ code cache warning.
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2012 22:45:58 GMT
So, for the past three or so hours I've been looking at this:

You'll notice that certain tests in there have super-long execution
times, like this one:

   [junit4] Suite:
   [junit4] Completed in 4251.28s, 34 tests

This test, if run separately, passes in under 60 seconds on my machine
(running with clover, the same seed so identical startup parameters

I'll spare you the details but what seems to be happening is that at
some point the code cache is saturated and the JVM emits this:

   [junit4] OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM warning: CodeCache is full.
Compiler has been disabled.
   [junit4] OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM warning: Try increasing the code
cache size using -XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize=

Note the "Compiler has been disabled." bit. I believe this effectively
means the JVM falls back to interpreted mode (!) and this creates a
situation in which:

1) there is a shitty random pick of components for the test (see
attached log dump),
2) the code is instrumented with clover, which adds an extra layer of
super-overhead method calls and complexity,
3) the JVM falls back to interpreted mode.

TestNumericRangeQuery64 is the first test when this hits, but every
test from that moment on is just sloooow. Like this one:

  [junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestDocTermOrds
  [junit4] Completed in 91.39s, 3 tests

ran separately (same seed, clover):

   [junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestDocTermOrds
   [junit4] Completed in 2.30s, 3 tests

I don't think there are simple solutions to this problem other than
setting a larger code cache (which I did, we will see).


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