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From Dawid Weiss <>
Subject Re: Snapshot repositories and ivy.
Date Sat, 14 Apr 2012 21:48:10 GMT
Thanks Benson. I think Robert's point is that this isn't only a
technical/ engineering issue but also an Apache policy raised recently
to make dependencies off something that is:

a) stable, traceable (not a moving target like a snapshot dependency),
b) accessible (maven repositories, mirroring),
c) has officially published source code (again -- maven policy).

It is definitely not convenient but I'll just live with it.


On Sat, Apr 14, 2012 at 11:42 PM, Benson Margulies
<> wrote:
> Maybe this will help.
> A maven build will download from all of the repositories listed in
> <repository/> elements in the poms. By default, this list is just
> Central. However, you can add more to a parent POM.
> Anything sitting out there *in a maven repo* is thus trivially
> accessible. For example, one would hope that other Apache TLP's would
> regularly push snapshots of their trunks (just as you do), so that
> listing the Apache snapshot repo from would do
> the trick for those.
> I'll betcha, however, that Dawid is dealing with a case that is
> neither in central nor published as a SNAPSHOT at Apache. If the
> original source uses the OSSHR repository as a path to central, it
> also has a corresponding snapshot repo, and so authors could perhaps
> be persuaded to publish to it.
> If neither of these work, then we're in the same situation as with any
> other binary dependency. If it's not in the source tree, and not in
> some public maven repo, then we are allowed to publish it *as a
> convenience*. It seems to me that it would be reasonable to ask infra
> to add an extra repository to for 'convenience
> binaries'. I don't see how that would offend any board members any
> more than putting a convenience bundle of binaries on the dist/
> mirrors. (The issue of dog-in-the-manger fellow Apache projects is, I
> claim, orthogonal.) Dawid could then push his interim packages to such
> a place.
> Of course, a maven repo is also just an HTTP server with a particular
> layout, so you *could* just use the maven-deploy-plugin to plop these
> items onto a repo on belonging to Lucene, and add a
> <repository/> element to point to it, if infra is unfriendly to the
> 'convenience repository' proposal.
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