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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Re: Snapshot repositories and ivy.
Date Sat, 14 Apr 2012 21:42:52 GMT
Maybe this will help.

A maven build will download from all of the repositories listed in
<repository/> elements in the poms. By default, this list is just
Central. However, you can add more to a parent POM.

Anything sitting out there *in a maven repo* is thus trivially
accessible. For example, one would hope that other Apache TLP's would
regularly push snapshots of their trunks (just as you do), so that
listing the Apache snapshot repo from would do
the trick for those.

I'll betcha, however, that Dawid is dealing with a case that is
neither in central nor published as a SNAPSHOT at Apache. If the
original source uses the OSSHR repository as a path to central, it
also has a corresponding snapshot repo, and so authors could perhaps
be persuaded to publish to it.

If neither of these work, then we're in the same situation as with any
other binary dependency. If it's not in the source tree, and not in
some public maven repo, then we are allowed to publish it *as a
convenience*. It seems to me that it would be reasonable to ask infra
to add an extra repository to for 'convenience
binaries'. I don't see how that would offend any board members any
more than putting a convenience bundle of binaries on the dist/
mirrors. (The issue of dog-in-the-manger fellow Apache projects is, I
claim, orthogonal.) Dawid could then push his interim packages to such
a place.

Of course, a maven repo is also just an HTTP server with a particular
layout, so you *could* just use the maven-deploy-plugin to plop these
items onto a repo on belonging to Lucene, and add a
<repository/> element to point to it, if infra is unfriendly to the
'convenience repository' proposal.

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