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From Daniel Cooper <>
Subject Distributed Pivot Faceting patch for SOLR-2894
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2012 13:47:55 GMT

I submitted a patch for distributed pivot faceting on this issue about a month ago.
Currently this issue is unassigned and has no fix version so it hasn't
been picked up by anybody yet.

I was wondering if someone has time to look at this and commit it to
trunk for Solr 4.0.  It's unit tested and my company have been running
it with a dev version of Solr 4.0 successfully for some time now.  The
patch I submitted shouldn't affect any other functionality so it
should be safe to put it into trunk and let people try it out.

I'm happy to help out with any further bug fixes required for this,
any improvements I can make will obviously benefit us as well.  Also
if someone does take the time to look at the patch and it needs
amending or updating before it can be used I can do that too.


Dan Cooper.

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