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From Steven A Rowe <>
Subject RE: [JENKINS-MAVEN] Lucene-Solr-Maven-trunk #457: POMs out of sync
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2012 19:43:04 GMT
On 4/16/2012 at 1:05 PM, Dawid Weiss wrote:
> > java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Expected hexadecimal seed: random
> This is another difference -- forgot about it, apologies. I chose not
> to have magic constants for seed. An empty seed (empty string) or an
> undefined property means the seed should be random.
> > Assuming a value will always be passed in for tests.seed, would the empty string
> Yes, it should work just fine.

Thanks, I'll make that change.

> I didn't mention it but there is actually an equivalent of <junit4>
> task as a maven plugin... it basically redirects to the ant-plugin
> but has a maven-like facade for passing the basic set of properties.
> I don't think it makes such a big difference for maven build - we 
> can stick to surefire. Let me know if you'd like to try that other
> plugin though -- an example of a maven pom using it is here:

Cool, I'll take a look.  I think people who use the Maven POMs to build Lucene/Solr would
appreciate the speedup that would enable.

> > Alternatively, would it be possible to re-enable "random" as a
> > valid value for tests.seed?
> I'd rather not (for reasons above) but if it's a really painful
> change then I can put it on the agenda and support, sure.

Okay, should be no problem using the empty string for the default value.


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