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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Intermittent testing errors in TestSystemPropertiesInvariantRule
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2012 21:03:15 GMT

: OK, I need some basic tutoring here. What constitutes a _real_ failure?
: And is there a simple way to find them?

Assuming you don't customize the junit test output writer you can do 
something like...

find -name TEST\*xml | xargs grep -L 'errors="0" failures="0"'

...which will give you all the test result files that either failed or had 
an error.

the <system-err> of those files will have the info on the seeds to 

Alternativly, within the individual subdirs (but not at the top level) you 
*should* be able to run "ant generate-test-reports" to generate an HTML 
report view of all the tests... but that doesn't seem to be working at the 
moment for me ... may have been broken at some point during a refactoring 
since i don't think many people use it (jenkins has it's own way of 
generating html views of the reports) and may not be worth fixing since 
the stuff dawid is working on looks much cooler and more useful (knows 
about ignored tests)


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