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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: First pass pruning 3.6 Jira's to ramp up for release
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2012 18:38:19 GMT

: I volunteer to do the first bulk "fix!=3.6" pruning against "The Query" in a
: few days (wed or thurs) if no one objects in the meantime.

: "The Query"
: (unresolved, fix=3.6, no assignee, updatedDate < march & not bug)

I've moved forward on this, bulk editing the (156) issues currently 
matching that criteria to remove the 3.6 fix version (and suppressing emial 
notification to reduce noise)

You can identify all the issues modified by this bulk edit by searching 
jira comments for "hoss20120321nofix36"

(note: aparently jira doesn't have a way to just remove a fix version - i 
could have sworn it did - so i had to just replace the fix version for 
these issues with "4.0")

Next up: prune, Prune, PRUNE!!!!

Unless I hear objections, i think that ~48 hours from now we should bite 
the bullet and prune any unassigned issue (regardless of type) that hasn't 
been updated since March 19 (ie: actively being discussed 
this week)...

...that will get us to the point where almost all of the outstanding 3.6 
issues are assigned to someone, and we can start harping on people 
individually "where are you with this issue?"

As a reminder, here are the folks who currently have open 3.6 issues 
assigned to them...

1  Adriano Crestani
1  Andrzej Bialecki
2  David Smiley
1  Doron Cohen
1  Erik Hatcher
1  Grant Ingersoll
2  Hoss Man
1  James Dyer
3  Jan H√łydahl
1  Koji Sekiguchi
11 Mark Miller
17 Noble Paul
4 Shalin Shekhar Mangar
3 Simon Willnauer
2 Stanislaw Osinski
2 Tommaso Teofili
3 Uwe Schindler

If you are logged into Jira you can see the 3.6 issues assigned to you 


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