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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject First pass pruning 3.6 Jira's to ramp up for release
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2012 00:57:02 GMT

Since there has been interest expressed in the last few weeks in ramping 
up to a 3.6 release, I suggest we adopt a similar process to the one we've 
used in the past, and start pruning the "Fix Version: 3.6" from issues 
that seem like they aren't on anyones radar, or don't seem crucial enough 
to block a 3.6 release.

Currently in jira, there are 288 Unresolved issues in LUCENE + SOLR marked 
"Fix Version: 3.6".  Of those, there are (currently) 158 that:
   a) Are not assigned
   b) Have not been updated since March 1, 2012
   c) are not bugs (ie: improvements or feature requests)

I propose that we start by removing "3.6" from the fix version from any 
bug matching "The Query" below, and then move on to assess whatever 
issues are still left in the 3.6 bucket -- working on those that we can, 
and eventually doing a second round of cuts to remove anything that has no 
assignee (regardless of type & date)

I volunteer to do the first bulk "fix!=3.6" pruning against "The Query" in 
a few days (wed or thurs) if no one objects in the meantime.

If there is an issue on this list someone feels strongly about, all you 
have to do to keep it from getting pruned (for now) is to assign it to 
yourself or chime in with a comment/patch explainging why you think it's 
important to include it in 3.6 -- but don't volunteer unless you plan on 
following through in the very near future.  this is just the first pass, 
i'm sure there will be others (rmuir is just itching to cut a release, we 
have a psychic connection that i can feel in my bones).

Likewise this would a god time for all of the committers/contributors to 
review the list of 3.6 issues currently assigned to you, and self-prune 
any issue that isn't something you intend to finish in the very near 
future (either by removing yourself as the assignee if you think it should 
go in 3.6 but don't have time to work on it; or by removing 3.6 if you 
still plan on working on it but don't think it will be ready soon).

Checking your list of bugs is easy, using the "individual query" listed 

"The Query"
(unresolved, fix=3.6, no assignee, updatedDate < march & not bug)!%3D+Bug

"individual query"
(unresolved, fix=3.6, assignee = current user)


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