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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: start being more official/vocal about "Wiki errata" pages for release notes?
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2012 19:28:43 GMT

: I don't think we should really set ourselves up for failure. Why can't
: we document the features in the release up-front and put time into
: trying to make it readable and concise, its going to be put on the
: website as well as sent via email to a ton of people, and maybe
: copy-pasted in blogs etc. Making it "live" won't fix those problems.

I'm not saying it will, i'm saying "mistakes happen, so let's prepare for 
the possibility that they happen, and include in the releases a link to an 
Errata for CHANGES.txt and README.txt"

: Its pretty relevant. What i'm saying the point of these pages is so
: the RM can type in TO: announce@, general@, and press ctrl-A, ctrl-C,

Ok, forget the fucking ReleaseNotes pages -- they can stay exactly as they 
are, the purpose can remain exactly the same, and nothing i'm proposing 
has to involve them in any way.  

My suggestion to re-use/rename those pages was simply one of minimizing 
duplication of content on the wiki as a whole -- i'm sorry for muddling 
the issue, forget i ever mentioned anything about changing ReleaseNotes36 
at all.

The crux of my suggestion was, and still is...

: Something we've done on the Solr wiki since day one was have a wiki page
: dedicated to each of the minor releases .. that lists info about the 
: develompent of any releases that haven't happened yet, and important 
: notes about any releases that have (recently we've started including a 
: copy of hte release announcement)...
: ... But over time, they've also served as psuedo-errata pages
: in the rare case where something is overlooked in the release notes of a
: release, for example...
: I think it would be a good idea to formalize this idea and start promoting
: these type of pages for both Solr and Core, so that the top of README.txt and
: CHANGES.txt for all of our future releases contained verbage such as...
: >> More information about this release, including any errata related to the
: >> release notes, upgrade instructions, or other changes can be found online
: >> at...
: >>
: ...or...
: >>

...these pages would be entirely for end users, to consult when installing 
a release, in case there are any Errata information they should be aware 


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