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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: start being more official/vocal about "Wiki errata" pages for release notes?
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2012 19:06:46 GMT

: I don't understand the difference. If you are saying rename
: ReleaseNote36 to Release36, then thats fine!

the difference is we explicitly link to the URL of that page in the 
CHANGES.txt and README.txt with the verbage i suggested...

>> More information about this release, including any errata related to 
the release notes, upgrade instructions, or
>> other changes can be found online at...

...and then if, after publishing the release, we realize we forgot to 
mention something in the README.txt or CHANGES.txt we update that wiki 
page to include it there.

: at some point we are going to send an email with some contents, and if
: thats gonna be me, I'm not going to type it up myself
: but have it as a wiki page i copy-paste from... so I don't think it
: should have other functionality/stuff on it...
: Does that make sense?

not really -- but it's also not really relevant.  there wouldn't *be* any 
other contents on that page when it's time to send the release 
announcement out, it would only get added after the release (if ever).


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