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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: start being more official/vocal about "Wiki errata" pages for release notes?
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2012 18:37:35 GMT

: What is the purpose beyond release notes? The ReleaseNotes36 type
: pages have a well-defined purpose, thats the exact release note we
: will send out.
: I think they are useful because it prevents the release manager from
: having to do that work (other people can populate them with a summary
: of the features).
: For more detailed stuff, we have CHANGES.txt, what you are suggesting
: seems like a duplicate of that?

your only considering the *pre* release use of this page (in which i'm 
suggestion it can be used *instead* of the ReleaseNotes36 page, not in 
adition to)

*post* release if we discover "oh shit, we forgot to include LUCNEE-9999 
in the list of CHANGES.txt" or "damn, we really should have been more 
explicit about the importance of doing XYZ when upgrading" we can add that 
note to this wiki page -- the URL for which is already listed at the top 
of the CHANGE.txt as an important place for people to look for errata 
about the specific release they are using.


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