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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject start being more official/vocal about "Wiki errata" pages for release notes?
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2012 18:28:14 GMT

(some history for those who aren't away)

Something we've done on the Solr wiki since day one was have a wiki page 
dedicated to each of the minor releases (with sub sections for any patch 
releases) that lists info about the develompent of any releases that 
haven't happened yet, and important notes about any releases that have 
(recently we've started including a copy of hte release announcement)...

These pages initially served as simple info pages about the release, and 
also as a place for documentation to link to when indicating what version 
a feature became available.  But over time, they've also served as 
psuedo-errata pages in the rare case where something is overlooked in the 
release notes of a release, for example...


I think it would be a good idea to formalize this idea and start promoting 
these type of pages for both Solr and Core, so that the top of README.txt 
and CHANGES.txt for all of our future releases contained verbage such 

>> More information about this release, including any errata related to 
>> the release notes, upgrade instructions, or other changes can be found 
>> online at...

...we can also use these pages during development to collect the release 
highlights that we intend to include in the rleease notes instead of the 
existing "ReleaseNote36" type pages.

Comments / Objections?


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