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From Robert Muir <>
Subject 3.6 branching
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2012 11:48:09 GMT

I propose for 3.6 that we don't create a release branch but just use
our branch_3x as the release branch. We can 'svn mv' it to
'lucene_solr_3_6' when the release is ready.

Normally we would branch and open up branch_3x as 3.7 for changes, but
from previous discussions we intend to release 4.0 next (and put 3.x
in maintenance mode).

As Hossman noted in his last email: we are doing some JIRA
reorganization etc to get things organized. Also related to this:
because we intend for this to be the last 3.x release, I want to make
sure people have a few more days to get their changes in.

New features are fine, of course bugfixes, tests, and docs, but since
we are trying to get things in shape I only ask a few extra things at
this stage:
* please ensure any new classes have at least one sentence as the class javadocs
* please ensure any new packages have a package.html with at least a
description of what the package is
* please ensure any added files have the apache license header

thoughts? objections?


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