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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: switch jars to ivy mechanism?
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2012 00:15:49 GMT
I just started a project w/ Ivy and for the most part it was fine.  I ended up sinking some
time into the multimodule stuff and then abandoning it for a top level lib directory for simplicity.
 Under that, you can partition out pieces if you want using Ivy confs.   I wasted a few hours
on the multimodule stuff and it just left me frustrated given the amount of time I wanted
to spend on it.  That being said, I'm sure someone w/ more time could get it working.

The other nice thing is you can still check in jars if you want as well.  For instance, for
anything we build ourselves (after we change the namespace, of course! cough, cough).

At any rate, +1.  

On Mar 27, 2012, at 3:28 PM, Robert Muir wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> There is currently a thread about jars going on another list, this
> isn't about that.
> But just reading over the thread and thinking about things, our svn
> checkout is quite large because of checked in jars. I don't think this
> is good for developers in Europe or Japan or elsewhere, because it
> makes the checkout huge.
> On the other hand I look at the example ivy file from the tutorial
> (
> and it looks pretty nice. I know there is an eclipse plugin that works
> with this as well.
> I was thinking about experimenting with our build to remove these jars
> (at least: as many as possible) and see how ivy worked, purely as an
> optimization. It seems like maybe it really wouldnt be such a huge
> change... maybe something that could be done in a day or something
> like that.
> Does anyone have any opinions on this?
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Grant Ingersoll

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