Hi Grant,


The redirect from java -> core does not yet work. If I search for “Lucene” on Google the first hit goes to /java/ and I finally get… – 404.


What’s needed to fix this?



Uwe Schindler

H.-H.-Meier-Allee 63, D-28213 Bremen


eMail: uwe@thetaphi.de


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On Feb 6, 2012, at 7:51 PM, Chris Hostetter wrote:

: We are now live!
: http://lucene.apache.org/

FYI: Grant had put in a redirect for dealing with the /java/ -> /core/
directory change, but forgot that a bunch of page names and urls had
changed slightly as well.

as you have probably noticed based on all the commits, i scrambled to try
and ensure that we had redirects for as many old URLs as i could think of
and/or find in google searches using "site:lucene.apache.org"

I think we've got most stuff covered now, with the exception of...

- *.pdf ... i figure just let those 404 from now on.
- http://lucene.apache.org/solr/api/.*


Yeah, I don't think we need those.

...the core javadocs from past releases are all still there (with a
redirect to the new subdir) but as far as i can tell the Solr javadocs
have vanished ... i have no idea back a big directory like that now.


Those should be back now.


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