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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: CMS peer review process
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2012 18:00:14 GMT

: What shall be the procedure of peer review of CMS website changes? Is it
: examine patches in JIRA just like source code is, or is it to commit changes
: and observe them on the staging server ? 
: (or perhaps it depends)

"it depends"

the biggest value of hte CMS is making small rapid changes -- just like 
small bug fixes, you shouldn't need peer review to make small tweaks, if 
people don't like it they can revert.

If you are making seriously large substantial changes (ie: "i think we 
should completley re-org the site like this...") then i think patches in 
Jira make sense 

...both of thse situations are just like they use to be in the forrest 
days from a review process.

the new middle ground we have is the "staging site" ... if you have a 
change that you think is simple and not relaly worth a prolonged 
discussion over a patch, but you'd still like to have at least one other 
set of eyeballs on, edit it and push it to staging -- then ask for review 
on email/irc.  worst case scenerio someone else comes along to make a 
minor edit and sees your changes on staging ... which is an automatic 
review if they then choose to "publish" both their changes and yours.


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