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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Fwd: Cron <apsite@minotaur> /x1/home/apsite/wrkdir/bin/
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2012 21:03:36 GMT

: 1) moving both doap files into the CMS

done -- but aparently the lucene doap wasn't in SVN anymore since the 
trunk merge? ... anyway, i couldn't find a it anywhere i would have 
expected it to be given the old site layout, so i created a new one based 
on the solr one and the details i scraped from the previously generated 
html on

: 2) update the master list to fetch both via the public site.


: 3) add a redirect for the new path of the core doap file.

already working because of existing redirects.

: 4) update the ReleaseTodo to reflect the new location

done, but this doc in general still needs updated to reflect the new 

: 5) update the solr doap file (it wasn't on the release todo so it 
: evidently never got updated for any of the 3x releasees

done ... ironicly, according the scraped html on, 
the lucene-java doap file hadn't been updated since 3.0.2 either, so i 
also added all the 3.x releases to it, and leave out the older ones (the 
data one dates is in an xml comment just in case people think we really 
need to go back that far)


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