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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] New Website
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2012 00:40:42 GMT

Reading up a bit on markdown, and poking arround the generated html and 
the css we are using i *think* (assuming i understand everything 
correctly) we have two problems...

: places where there should be inlined 'code' in a fixed width 
: font, ie...

...this looks like CSS problem.  Our CSS is assuming any <code> tags 
should be treated as block elements which makes it impossible to have 
inline code quoting.  we should probably change most of the "code" css to 
use the "pre > code" since that's what the markdown docs i'm looking at 
say markdown generates for code blocks.

Which leads me to the second problem...

: Meanwhile, places where there should be indented code blocks with a 
: colored background...

...that looks like a content problem.  we seem to be using "<source>" as 
the markup for our code blocks, but the markdown docs i'm finding say thta 
"4 whitespcae characters of indentation" should be used for code blocks.  
(i suspect the <source> tags are left over from the forrest conversion)

...does that sound right to you Grant?


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