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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] New Website
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2012 00:21:33 GMT

: So, I'd suggest everyone give it a pass through, fix items as they see 
: them and/or otherwise pitch in and help, because I'm tired of our 
: current site and how poor it makes us look.

Grant: my one concern is how the Solr tutorial currently looks, 
particularly related to inline code and bulk code blocks...

to clarify: i think ultimatley the tutorial shouldn't be part of the site 
itself, because i think that should remain "unversioned" and the tutorial 
should move into "version specific" documentation of some kind (ie: maybe 
just a javadoc doc-files or some other file under the solr dev tree). ... 
but we can worry about that seperately.

my real concern is that the tutorial serves as a good indicator of how 
inline and block code elements seem to be handled by the new CMS markup 
and our templates -- and that worries me for our ability to move 
forward writing docs/news/examples in the CMS given how poorly it seems to 
be handled in the tutorial right now.

places where there should be inlined 'code' in a fixed width 
font, ie...

> Begin by unziping the Solr release and changing your working directory
> to be the "<code>example</code>" directory.  (Note that the base 
> directory name may vary with the version of Solr downloaded.)  For 
> example, with a shell in UNIX, Cygwin, or MacOS: instead showing up as indented code blocks with a colored 

Meanwhile, places where there should be indented code blocks with a 
colored background...

user:~solr$ *ls*
user:~solr$ *unzip -q*
user:~solr$ *cd solr-nightly/example/*
</source> showing up as a single line of text in a regular variable width 

I don't know if the problem is:
 * the markup processing engine
 * our use of the markup
 * our templates
 * our css

...but it seems like we should figure that out.


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