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From Way Cool <>
Subject Couple issues with edismax in 3.5
Date Wed, 29 Feb 2012 06:45:49 GMT
Hi, Guys,

I am having the following issues with edismax:

1. Search for 4X6 generated the following parsed query:
+DisjunctionMaxQuery((((id:4 id:x id:6)^1.2) | ((name:4 name:x
name:6)^1.025) )
while the search for "4 X 6" (with space in between)  generated the query
below: (I like this one)
+((DisjunctionMaxQuery((id:4^1.2 | name:4^1.025)
+((DisjunctionMaxQuery((id:x^1.2 | name:x^1.025)
+((DisjunctionMaxQuery((id:6^1.2 | name:6^1.025)

Is that really intentional? The first query is pretty weird because it will
return all of the docs with one of 4, x, 6.

Any easy way we can force "4X6" search to be the same as "4 X 6"?

2. Issue with multi words synonym because edismax separates keywords to
multiple words via the line below:
clauses = splitIntoClauses(userQuery, false);
and seems like edismax doesn't quite respect fieldType at query time, for
example, handling stopWords differently than what's specified in schema.

For example: I have the following synonym:

When I search for "AAA-BBB", it works, however search for "CCC DDD" was not
returning results containing AAABBB. What is interesting is that
admin/analysis.jsp is returning great results.



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