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From Dawid Weiss <>
Subject Re: Hmmm, license checking a bit over-zealous?
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2012 08:16:48 GMT
> Well, I never did have the sense to  quit while I was ahead. That
> works just fine, checking in momentarily.

Time zone differences, so a bit belated, but this may be of interest
for others as well. License checking is now global to capture any JARs
added to the repo. Unfortunately certain JARs are either created or
copied in the source folders and they need to be excluded manually.
There are three places where this can be done:

*) /lucene/tools/custom-tasks.xml

This is the main macro for license checking and any exclusions applied
to the fileset there will be global for solr, lucene and modules.

*) /lucene/build.xml

Validate target, lucene-specific. Currently only contains macro
invocation (no customizations for Lucene).

*) /solr/build.xml

Validate target, solr-specific. This currently contains that macro
call, but with custom solr-only exclusions as in:

    <license-check-macro dir="${basedir}">
        <!-- Exclude start.jar only (it'd be weird to have a license
file there?) -->
        <exclude name="example/start.jar" />
        <exclude name="example/exampledocs/post.jar" />
        <replaceregex pattern="/jetty-util([^/]+)$"
replace="/jetty-util" flags="gi" />
        <replaceregex pattern="/jetty-6([^/]+)$" replace="/jetty" flags="gi" />
        <replaceregex pattern="/jsp-2.1-glassfish([^/]+)$"
replace="/jsp-2.1-glassfish" flags="gi" />
        <replaceregex pattern="/jsp-api-2.1-glassfish([^/]+)$"
replace="/jsp-api-2.1-glassfish" flags="gi" />

"additional-excludes" apply exclude rules to the default set.
"additional-filters" normalize JAR names with funky versioning numbers
so that licenses can be found.

*) /modules/build.xml (trunk)

validate target. I don't think there will be any need to fiddle with it.

So, Erick could have added **/work/** as a sol-only exclusion if it
applies to solr only (I've updated the repo). Ideally, we should over
time get rid of project-specific exclusions since what they mean is
that something is in the sources area instead of being under some
build/ compilation directory...


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