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From Dawid Weiss <>
Subject Re: super-large sysout logs from tests?
Date Sun, 19 Feb 2012 22:01:46 GMT
> Yep, and I think Mark has had the same issue.
> IIRC, sometimes it was very difficult to tell - you would see an "JVM
> exited abnormally" message or something.

This shouldn't be the case any more with junit4; the slave JVMs are
always tracked until they really die and if they crash the output from
the crash will be emitted to the console/ output files (well, that's
what happens when I crash them via JNI in my tests). Feel free to try
on that fork on github -- if you let me know which test is causing
this and if there's any way I can reproduce it, I'll try to play

>> something that is important/ of priority? I don't see any tests
>> dumping a lot of output at the moment.
> That's because by default the level is set to SEVERE now.
> The issue happens when we set that to INFO to help debug what's happening.

All the buffering is still in memory currently but I don't think it'll
be a big issue to convert it to spill to disk. One thing I noticed
(that was actually a cause of those gson errors) was that left-over
threads from zookeeper keep emitting sysouts long after their test
case is over; this does propagate to other test cases, unfortunately.
In the longer run I would like to implement a mechanism to prevent
this from happening, but at the moment it may look a bit odd in the
logs. The best temporary solution for this would be to try to join or
wait for any background threads, if at all possible.


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