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From Dawid Weiss <>
Subject Re: [important] Refactoring of tests infrastructure.
Date Sat, 18 Feb 2012 16:41:20 GMT
> Personally I say 'go for it'. My only concern is that test failures
> reproduce, but this is likely just paranoia from the existing
> code...I'm guessing you have this under control.

You mean past test failures (with known seeds)? This won't be possible
I'm afraid. Any change to how seeds are propagated will ruin archival
known failures. As for "after the change" failure reproduction; if
anything happens it should be reproducible pretty much as it was
before (or better).

> Can we keep -Dtestcase? I see the -Dtests.filter=".*Foo" but is it
> possible we can just add -Dtestcase=X as a 'macro' to
> -Dtests.filter=".*X" ?

Sure we can add it, you don't even need a macro -- a simple condition
will do. My thinking was that if we're making major changes to the
testing factor we may as well consolidate and simplify to as few
options as possible. There are other non-backward compatible changes
like -Dtestpackageroot is not really covered by globbing filters; you
can simulate it via:


but for this to work all your tests really need to follow a naming
convention (start with "Test"). For *Test this isn't going to work
because subpackages will match. I was playing with various options
(ant-like ** patterns, regexps) but really shell globbing was the
easiest one to use and most natural.

There is one showstopper issue I'm still trying to track (slave
failing with JSON serialization weirdness). Don't know if it's a
dependency bug (gson) or something else. Once I have that solved, I'll
warn again and commit this to trunk. If there's anything weird going
on with tests on Jenkins we will either revert or fix as we go.


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