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From Steven A Rowe <>
Subject RE: New to Lucene
Date Sat, 18 Feb 2012 16:50:22 GMT
Hi Aayush,

Welcome!  Lucene/Solr Needs More Developers! (TM)

Have you seen <>?  You may be particularly
interested in the section at the bottom of the page "Getting your feet wet: where to begin?":
 There are lots of open issues – you can tweak the JIRA query given on that wiki page to
exclude the “newdev” label, and you’ll see lots more.

There are currently two actively developed branches, referred to as branch_3x (off of which
versions [3.1 … 3.5] have been released) and trunk (from which 4.0 will be released).  Trunk’s
design has departed significantly from that of branch_3x.  It seems likely that 4.0 will be
released sometime this year, at which point we will create a new branch for it (branch_4x),
trunk will become the future 5.0, and branch_3x will go into maintenance-release-only mode.
 The current loose plan has 4.0 being released sooner rather than later, and 3.6 being the
last major release off of branch_3x.

I mention all the release stuff because you’ll have to decide which branch to base your
work on.  My strong recommendation is to start from trunk, and if your changes can be adapted
to branch_3x, backport to there once the trunk work is done.  (This is the standard development
model; the majority of work committed to trunk is backported to branch_3x, though as the design
differences grow greater, the backport ratio has been gradually decreasing.)


From: Aayush Kothari []
Sent: Saturday, February 18, 2012 12:28 AM
Subject: New to Lucene

Hello all

Came across Lucene through a friend and GSoC, 2011's project-list.As a Java-lover I'm highly
interested in contributing to the project as a developer. Going through the documentation,
FAQ and mail archives, but it'd be really helpful if I could get some help to get started
with Lucene, esp. the dev part of it.

Looking forward to a positive reply.

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