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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: include score in sort function
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2011 01:54:52 GMT

: http://localhost:8084/solr35/myapp/select/?wt=xml&start=0&rows=13&q.alt=my+query&sort=sum(mul(score,3),mul(num_visits,2))%20desc
: In this way we will be able to add little modifications to our score

a) there is a difference between modifying the scores of queries based on 
functions, and sorting on a function that may (or may not) include as 
part of it's input the scores of a query -- in particular: what score is 
actaully returned for each document in the results.  In your case it 
sounds like you want the former, for hte scores to actually be afected by 
the function.  in which case you just need to modify how you execute your 
query to wrap it (or add to it) with a function.  You might find these 
blog posts i did a while back helpful (note the links to the commits to 
the sample configs in github)...


Please Use "solr-user@lucene" Not "dev@lucene"

Your question is better suited for the solr-user@lucene mailing list ...
not the dev@lucene list.  The dev list is for discussing development of
the internals of Solr and the Lucene Java library ... it is *not* the 
appropriate place to ask questions about how to use Solr or the Lucene 
Java library when developing your own applications.  Please resend your 
message to the solr-user mailing list, where you are likely to get 
more/betterresponses since that list also has a larger number of 


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