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From "Young, Cody" <>
Subject Grouping on Long type uses function query?
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2011 21:25:41 GMT
Hi All,


I'm new to solr development. Since I'm new with the code base, I thought
I'd double check here before making a JIRA issue. We're trying to use
grouping on a field with a type of long (on trunk):

    <fieldType name="long" class="solr.TrieLongField" precisionStep="0"
omitNorms="true" positionIncrementGap="0"/>


The performance wasn't what we were looking for so I'm taking a quick
look at the grouping code in solr and I noticed that a string field uses
the Term grouping classes (CommandField in
However, when using a long field the Function grouping classes get used
(CommandFunc in
/trunk/solr/core/src/java/org/apache/solr/search/ When I
change it over to using CommandField instead of CommandFunc for long
type I get a decrease in QTime (I only did light testing, and just
simple queries but it seemed to drop by 50% or so).


The functionality appears to still work and the grouping tests pass, but
as I'm not very familiar with the solr code I wasn't sure if there was a
reason for Long to use CommandFunc instead of CommandField.


I'm happy to take a stab at making a JIRA issue and a patch if this is
indeed an issue, but I'll need some guidance on the best way to fix this
(perhaps instead of using instanceof StrFieldSource or instanceof
LongFieldSource there is a better way to check?). 


The change I made to test this was very simple, I just added:


import org.apache.lucene.queries.function.valuesource.LongFieldSource;


and at Line 176 of

     } else if(valueSource instanceof LongFieldSource) {

         String field = ((LongFieldSource) valueSource).getField();

         CommandField commandField = new CommandField();

         commandField.groupBy = field;

         gc = commandField;




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