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From Jason Toy <>
Subject joins and filter queries effecting scoring
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2011 18:18:38 GMT
I sent this question on the user mailing lists, but didn't hear any replies.

I have 2 types of docs, users and posts.
I want to view all the docs that belong to certain users by joining posts
and users together.  I have to filter the users with a filter query of
"is_active_boolean:true" so that the score is not effected,but since I do a
join, I have to move the filter query to the query parameter so that I can
get the filter applied. The problem is that since the is_active_boolean is
moved to the query, the score is affected which returns back an order that I
don't want.
  If I leave the is_active_boolean:true in the fq paramater, I get no
results back.

My question is how can I apply a filter query to users so that the score is
not effected?

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