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From Chris Male <>
Subject Re: FieldType refactoring?
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2011 01:03:57 GMT

I agree with pretty much everything Mike says. When I get round to it I will
make a patch for converting FieldType over to int bit flags.

I also like the idea of having strongly typed sugar classes for the various

Just a couple of things:

This means that the IndexableField classes such as TextField, NumericField
> and the like would not be needed at all, and would be replaced by FieldType
> classes like TextType and NumericType for example; with only one constructor
> instead of several. Also, at that point, Field must be declared final.

TextField doesn't really serve any purpose other than typing its true, but
NumericField and BinaryField do.  They control what values can be used and
how they are converted to a tokenStream (well, BinaryField will do this in
the future).  So we can't remove them.

> > This way, the FieldType class is no longer needed, the IndexableField
>> type
>> > classes don't need to mutate anything, and, in the end, are instantiated
>> the
>> > same way.
Aren't we always going to need FieldType? Sure we can make some assumptions
about the likely combination of properties that will be set, but we
shouldn't box ourselves in.  Today FieldType consists of just boolean
parameters, but there has also been discussion around moving other things
like NumericField DataType and IndexDocValues properties there too.  I like
having an easy way for users to do common scenarios, but I also feel one of
the motivations for the changes we made to Field/FieldType recently is to
give people greater freedom.


Chris Male | Software Developer | DutchWorks |

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