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From "" <>
Subject Heap space
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2011 07:10:25 GMT

I'm a Master student in Switzerland and I'm new to Lucene.

In one of my courses I was asked to choose one large open source software, find a bug on the
issue tracker and manage to fix it.
I already have some discussion with Mr. Rowe that helped me in categorizing the issues. I
really appreciated that.

I checked out the code, run the 'ant clean test' and the build was successful.
I ran the 'ant idea' and imported the project to IntelliJ Idea 10.5.

While running the test suites 3 test cases failed:
- testLexicon
- testMinimizeHuge
- testIntOverflow

The error is a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space.

However running those test cases alone do not raise the issue.

I''m new to Idea and I was wondering if someone can either help me in solving this issue or
help me out in the Eclipse configuration.

I tried the 'ant eclipse' but the project generated is not as clean as the one for Idea. I
dunno if I did something badly.

Best regards,


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