Can you explain the wanted functional result of your copy operation? I've done copying fields in processors without trouble.
What do you want to do with the Lucene Document?

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On 17. aug. 2011, at 09.51, Mikhail Khludnev wrote:


I need to implement some tricky copyField like in http://wiki.apache.org/solr/UpdateRequestProcessor
But I need to take the SolrInputDocument field and put it into Lucene document myself by my own UpdateRequestProcessor. Unfortunately there is no room to do that because the creating Lucene document and its' indexing it is the single method: 

    cmd.doc = DocumentBuilder.toDocument(cmd.getSolrInputDocument(), req.getSchema());

I was surprised because the Chain-of-responsibility and Command pattern are made for such usages.

I propose to separate the current RunUpdateProcessor onto BuildLuceneDocumentProcessor and UpdateHandlerProcessor that allow users to inject their own routines in the main flow. 
Right now I had to copy-paste RunUpdateProcessor to get my purpose.


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