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From Chris Hostetter <>
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2011 22:26:05 GMT

: Some investigations:
: It seems to be a deadlock or some other threading related issue. Sometimes
: the test passes with the commit also in 8 or 10 seconds, but most of the
: time it hangs here.
: With the commit reverted it passes always in constant time.

i would suggest reverting, reopening the issue, and posting as much 
details as you can in the issue until we get to the bottom of it...

: > I have no idea whats going on. Where are the logs?

...good fucking question.  they use to be included in the test result 
files (just logged to System.err and captured), but at some point in some 
build/test refactoring they seem to have wound up going to /dev/null 
because all of my test result files have no logs in them at all.

can you post some "kill -QUIT" threaddumps in the Jira for this issue?


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