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From Chris Hostetter <>
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2011 21:59:42 GMT

: I don't think its a crux of the problem? the non-testUnicode methods
: add up to ( 9 + 47 + 53 = 111 minutes)

I'm confused as to what you are looking at to get those numbers ... are 
you summing all the times from differnet tests?  because those are 
typically running in diff threads, so i'm not sure that really tells us 
anything does it?

I'm looking at pages like this...

...within that single class (which runs in one thread) the tests 
sequentially took 2h39m, and 2h28m of that was testUnicode.

some other tests with the same base class that inherit testUnicode show 
similar patterns where testUnicode is taking up the bulk of the time...

...and my point is that  whatever is making these tests slow is affecting 
testUnicode significantly more then any other test.

and yet, it's not consistently hurting testUnicode, because in subclasses 
like SolrExampleStreamingTest the methods are all much faster...


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