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From Wilson Penha Jr. <>
Subject Need help with lucene 3.2/3.2
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2011 23:05:31 GMT

Hello there
I need some help with a odd behave with Lucene since version 2.9
I have a project with Lucene 2.41 that runs fine with 600k document where I use two index
folder to separate two set of index, one primary and another one secondary, this allow me
to switch the indexreader/indexsearcher by the time I want to build a fresh index and also
keep a safe copy of it,
While I am using Lucene 2.4.1 I have no problem with my application regarding have a web application
hitting many time the searcher, which is shared, when I have to switch the index, I do check
which one is stale and then close the old one and open the new one, even having many threads
into my container, it can safely close and open this, without having any problem. 
This days, since version 3 arrives, I've being trying to upgrade my application for all matters,
by the end of this, everything seems OK, BUT DID NOT,
I used JMeter to put it to burn, then I got this : 
java    12650 root  290r   REG             253,11   70277718    6193160 /index/secondary/spell/_12.frq
(deleted)java    12650 root  291r   REG             253,11   31312083    6193167 /index/secondary/spell/_10.prxjava
   12650 root  292r   REG             253,11   24031741    6193158 //index/secondary/spell/_12.tis
(deleted)java    12650 root  293r   REG             253,11   24031741    6193158 /index/secondary/spell/_12.tis
(deleted)java    12650 root  294r   REG             253,11   70277718    6193160 /index/secondary/spell/_12.frq
(deleted)java    12650 root  295r   REG             253,11   24031741    6193158 /index/secondary/spell/_12.tis
(deleted)java    12650 root  296r   REG             253,11   25261490    6193159 /index/secondary/spell/_10.fdtjava
   12650 root  297r   REG             253,11    6180968    6193162 /index/secondary/spell/_12.nrm
(deleted)java    12650 root  298r   REG             253,11   12366572    6193163 /index/secondary/spell/_10.fdxjava
   12650 root  299r   REG             253,11   31296075    6193161 /index/secondary/spell/_12.prx
(deleted)java    12650 root  300r   REG             253,11   25249792    6193156 /index/secondary/spell/_12.fdt
(deleted)java    12650 root  301r   REG             253,11   12361932    6193157 /index/secondary/spell/_12.fdx
(deleted)java    12650 root  311r   REG             253,11    6183288    6193168 /index/secondary/spell/_10.nrmetc.......
so, somehow my container keeps old indexsearcher/indexreader opened, even the files no longer
exists, that making it to reach max open files from the System, and you know what comes next.
Even look like complex, for the time it grown the many file opened is invert when use Lucene
2.4.1, which manage and close all old indexsearcher/indexreader and keeping clean the opened
files from lsof command from linux, where I run this application
As I can not change my entire application to use Solr, which seems to have a good approach,
and I also can not walk back to Lucene 2.4.1 and let it there forever, I ask for help here.
If anyone from there can help me, please let me know
Best regards and very thanks in advanced

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