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From Dawid Weiss <>
Subject Re: LevenshteinAutomata challenge
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2011 09:07:15 GMT
The thing you're describing is a regular composition of automata (as it
exists, for example, when composing clauses of a regular expression). If I
recall right the Levenshtein automaton in Lucene is built on modified brics
code... if so then this should be not a problem. The problem may be that
currently automatons are used in enums in a way that skips from one accepted
sequence to another accepted sequence (if possible). If the automaton has *
operators then there is no way to establish these and everything falls back
to full matching strategy.


On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 10:54 AM, eks dev <> wrote:

> Hi Robert, Mike & other FS(A|T) gurus,
> a challenge for you ;)
> Would it be possible to combine these brilliant peaces of functionality
> with normal Automaton somehow...
> Example to illustrate.
> DirectSpellChecker:
> - where instead of minPrefix, we would specify Regex (other Automaton)
> pfxAutiomaton = Regex("(AB)|(BA)") // e.g. Saying,
> levAutomaton = LevenshteinAutomata("XYZ")
> spell(pfxAutomaton, levAutomaton);
> would match terms that start with "AB" or "BA" and suffix part are normal
> edit distance matches, like ABXY, with one delete
> This would support wild things, like "enable only transpositions in first
> three characters"... In order to gat these matches today, you need to make
> Lev. Automata with maxDistance = 2 (which is then HUGE space to search
> without prefix)... Or generate more Lev. automata and make union of results
> (expensive to itterate)
> Other good use cases are simple to construct...
> The most general question, can we support at least concatenation between
> LevenshteinAutomata  and normal Automata. Intersection/union would be crazy
> thing as well? Where we would have:
> FilteringAutomata.intersect(LevenshteinAutomata)... but I guess I am
> dreaming with this one, but concatenation sounds  doable (at least prefix
> side)
> Cheers,
> Eks

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