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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject New Website [Help Wanted]
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2011 13:46:52 GMT
I've ported the large majority of our old, crappy website to the shiny new ASF CMS.  Not only
is this easier to maintain b/c we no longer need Forrest, but it also has a much updated look
and feel (copied from Mahout and Open for Biz) so we will no longer have that, as someone
described it, Geocities circa 1999 look and feel.  You can see the staging version at
 The issue covering this is

I think we are pretty close to being able to flip the switch and make it the new Lucene/Solr/ORP/PyLucene
website, but I need some help.  Helping is darn near painless as it usually involves simply
editing Markdown text and making a commit.  If you want to run locally, that's a bit more
involved, but not too hard and both Miller and I have gone through it (instructions are linked
from L-2748, but do note you may need to install some perl modules -- or at least we both
did and we are on Mac's).

So, how can you help?

0.  All of the code is at  Check it out
the usual way.

1. If you have any graphic design skills:
	- I'd love to have some "mantle/slide" images along the lines of
 These are used in the slideshow at the top of the Lucene, Core and Solr pages and should
be interesting, inviting, etc. and help spread notion of Lucene/Solr goodness
	- Help us coordinate the color selection on the various pages, especially in the slides

2.  See the items at
and subsequent status comments.  In particular eyeballs doing copy editing, filling in links,
adding content are most useful.

3. Move the Core per release documentation into the Javadocs per Hoss' comment on L-2748.

I'd like to switch over by the end of this week or early next week if possible.  If you can
help, please coordinate here on this thread so that we don't stomp on each other.

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