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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Pruning down roadmap for 3.2
Date Fri, 20 May 2011 19:27:37 GMT
: personally, when i set these versions on issues, i set versions
: 3.x+4.0 usually to indicate that I think its applicable to both the
: stable branch and trunk (versus 4.0-only indicating its not the kind
: of thing that should be backported).

that makes sense too -- personally I think we should be stricter about it 
... we should only mark something as fix for 3.3 if we think (at the time 
we are reviewing/updating the issue) that we really shouldn't release 3.3 
w/o this fix/feature.

obviously things change ... one day we think something should definitely 
be in a release, two weeks later we might decide that it's too much work, 
or too complex to try and shoehorn in, and we conciously change it the 

I'm not suggesting that anyone change their current practice of how/when 
they choose what version to mark on a jira issue when they are reviewing a 
particular issue -- my point is just that when bulk editing these things, 
we should just un-set instead of rolling forward:  If some issues have 
fallen by the way-side to the point that we are bulk editing them out of 
blocking the current release, that's a pretty good indicator that they 
aren't a priority for the next release unless someone steps forward and 
deliberately says they should be.


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