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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Pruning down roadmap for 3.2
Date Fri, 20 May 2011 19:14:24 GMT

: > I suggest that we un-mark these for 3.2 this weekend.  If you really feel
: > strongly that something on this list needs to make it into 3.2, assign it to
: > yourself.
: +1, maybe we should make a 3.3 in jira and move those to it?

That's what we've done in the past, but i think in generally we should 
just stop doing that -- It doesn't feel like it really improves the 

Unless someone is actively working on an issue with a target to getting it 
into a specific version, we should just leave the version blank.

Having all of these issues "pending" for a version makes it hard to really 
see the realistic plan of what is likely to be in a given release. Some of 
these issues have been open for a long time, with no activity, and no 
indication that anone thinks they are important (let alone actively 
working on patches for them).  Hypotheticly: if they hadn't all been 
marked for 3.2, we might have done a release weeks ago if it had been 
clear that there was only a handful of open issues people were actively 
working on and wanted to get in 3.2 -- that would have likely motivated 
us to rally arround getting those issues finalized and making an RC.


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