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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Pruning down roadmap for 3.2
Date Fri, 20 May 2011 18:59:00 GMT

If we're serious about wanting to do a 3.2 release sometime in June, the 
first step is to get proactive abour pruning down the roadmap of issues 
that aren't going to make the cut.

Here's a list of every Unresolved fix=3.2 issue that has no assignee and 
no attachments (that hasn't been updatd in the last two days just in case 
something is super new and actively being worked on)...

...current count is 103.

I suggest that we un-mark these for 3.2 this weekend.  If you really feel 
strongly that something on this list needs to make it into 3.2, assign it 
to yourself.

The next step (in a week or so?) should probably be to audit the list of 
everything that doesn't have an assignee (even if it does have a patch) 
and un-mark those for 3.2.  if no one is willing to step up and say that 
they will massage/commit the patch, then either the patch isn't ready, or 
we aren't ready to support it in a release.


(Note: In two days I'm leaving for hong kong and will be offline for 2.5 
weeks, so i won't taking the initiative to make these bulk edits my self, 
i'm just trying to help get the ball rolling)


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