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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Lucene/Solr JIRA
Date Wed, 18 May 2011 20:53:47 GMT

: just a few words. I disagree here with you hoss IMO the suggestion to
: merge JIRA would help to move us closer together and help close the
: gap between Solr and Lucene. I think we need to start identifying us
: with what we work on. It feels like we don't do that today and we
: should work hard to stop that and make hard breaks that might hurt but

I just don't see how you think that would help anything ... we still need 
to distinguish Jira issues to identify where in the "stack" they affect.

If there is a "divide" among the developers because of the niches where 
they tend to work, will that divide magicly go away because we partition 
all issues using the "component" feature of instead of by the Jira 
"project" feature?

I don't really see how that makes any sense.  

Even if we all thought it did, and even if the cost/effort of 
migrating/converting were totally free, the user bases (who interact with 
the Solr APIs vs directly using the Lucene-Core/Module APIs) are so 
distinct that I genuinely think sticking with distinct Jira "Projects" 
makes more sense for our users.

: JIRA. I'd go even further and nuke the name entirely and call
: everything lucene - I know not many folks like the idea and it might
: take a while to bake in but I think for us (PMC / Committers) and the

"Everything" already is called Lucene ... the Project is "Apache Lucene" 
the community is "Lucene" ... the Lucene project currently releases 
several products, and one of them is called "Apache Solr" ... if you're 
suggestion that we should ultimately elimianate the name "Solr" then we'd 
still have to decide what we're going going to call that end product, the 
artifact that we ship that provides the abstraction layer that Solr 
currently provides.  

Even if you mean to suggest that we should only have one unified product 
-- one singular release artifact -- that abstraction layer still needs a 
name.  The name we have now is "Solr", it has brand awareness and a user 
base who understands what it means to say they are "Installing Solr" or 
that a new feature is available when "Using Solr"

Eliminating that name doesn't seem like it would benefit the user 
community in anyway.


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