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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Re: Solr Config XML DTD's
Date Wed, 04 May 2011 22:55:30 GMT
: This looks compelling!  I'm also not sure what, specifically, we can
: validate in Solr's configuration... and I also don't know how much
: validation we do today.  What hard errors does Solr produce on startup
: when configuration is wrong?

once upon a time solr would log some config errors, but then happily start 
up anyway.

that "feature" has since been removed (as far as i know) and solr will now 
fail on any concrete error it encounters in the config.

what solr doesn't currently identify as an error is "unused" config 
(ie: someone types <requeestHandler /> instead of 
<requestHandler/>) ... allthough i seem to recall a patch committed not to 
long ago that started checking for unused field/fieldtype attributes when 
parsing schema.xml, along the lines of what mccandles described...

: do something like this: when a plugin "claims" a certain attr/element,
: this is recorded.  If at the end of loading the config, there are
: unclaimed attrs/elements, then that's an error.

One potential problem with generalizing this approach is that we support 
"lazy" initializatin of some plugins (it might just be RequestHandlers ... 
i don't remember off hand) so we'd need to watch out for that -- the whole 
point is to prevent hte need for instantiating expensive plugins 
unless/untill they are actually used, so you wouldn't wnat to force them 
to startup just to read/claim their configs.

As to the larger question...

: More generally, before we hash out an approach here, I'd like to know
: if anyone disagree that we should move Solr to more strict error
: checking of its configuration on startup.  I think being silent on
: configuration errors is the wrong choice... and I think that's
: generally Solr's approach today (I think?  Or do we catch
: configuration errors w/ a hard error and clear message?). i mentioned: if solr sees an error, it should already fail hard and 

I would love to be able to do either static validation or more agressive 
sanity checking of potential typos/unused configs on startup in a way that 
would catch the cases we currently miss -- w/o preventing plugins from 
having their own options (i regret not using something like xml 
namespaces for this from day 1) -- but i suspect that it could wind up 
being a lot of work for little gain....

Anecdotaly, the most common "config mistake" peoples i see people making 
are along the lines of this:

  <requestHandler name="/myHandler" class="solr.SearchHandler">
     <lst name="defaults">
       <str name="paramNameWithTypo">explicit</str>
       <str name="wt">paramValueWithTypo</str>

...i don't know of any static way we could validate the configs that would 
deal with what are ultimately going to be runtime params.

As i said: any improvements to help catch the mistakes we can identify 
would be great, but we should maintain perspective of the effort/gain 
tradeoff given that there is likely nothing we can do about the basic 
problem of "a string that won't be evaluated until runtime"


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