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From Mukunda Madhava <>
Subject CLOSE_WAIT after connecting to multiple shards from a primary shard
Date Tue, 31 May 2011 01:43:12 GMT
We are having a "primary" Solr shard, and multiple "secondary" shards. We
query data from the secondary shards by specifying the "shards" param in the

query params.

But we found that after recieving the data, there are large number of
CLOSE_WAIT on the secondary shards from the primary shards.

Like for e.g.

tcp 1 0 primaryshardhost:56109 secondaryshardhost1:8090 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp 1 0 primaryshardhost:51049 secondaryshardhost1:8090 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp 1 0 primaryshardhost:49537 secondaryshardhost1:8089 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp 1 0 primaryshardhost:44109 secondaryshardhost2:8090 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp 1 0 primaryshardhost:32041 secondaryshardhost2:8090 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp 1 0 primaryshardhost:48533 secondaryshardhost2:8089 CLOSE_WAIT

We even changed the code to open the Solr connections as below..

SimpleHttpConnectionManager cm = new
HttpClient httpClient = new HttpClient(cm);
solrServer = new CommonsHttpSolrServer(url,httpClient);

But still we see these issues. Any ideas?

Does Solr persist the connections to the secondary shards?

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