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From Shai Erera <>
Subject Reorganizing JIRA components
Date Sun, 15 May 2011 18:20:21 GMT

I noticed that we don't have a component for every contrib/module today, as
well as some components are misplaced, due to recent changes (e.g., analysis
should be IMO under modules/analysis).

I would like to propose the following reorganization to JIRA components:
* core/index, core/search etc. -- for all *core* issues
* modules/<name> for every module issues
* remove modules/*

As for modules/<name>, I think we should start w/ the existing modules that
are already listed in JIRA and add additional ones "on demand". That way, if
1 year from now we look at JIRA and don't find a modules/xyz, we know that
module was inactive for one year and can consider removing it entirely (this
follows a proposal made by Grant a while ago about removing
unused/unmaintained contribs).

By removing modules/*, we force anyone who wants to report an issue about a
module for which we don't have a JIRA component yet, asking first to open
such a component. This might look a big overhead, but it's something we'll
do only once, and I think we can already identify the 'active' modules and
pre-create components for them.

As for an "other" component, I think it'd be best if we can avoid it. What
do you think?


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