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From Shai Erera <>
Subject Lucene/Solr JIRA
Date Tue, 17 May 2011 18:22:01 GMT

Today we have separate JIRA projects for Lucene and Solr. This, IMO, starts
to become confusing and difficult to maintain. I'll explain:

* With modules, we now have components in the Lucene JIRA project for
different modules (some under modules/* some under lucene/contrib/*). Will
we have the same components duplication in the Solr JIRA project?

* Where do users go to open a bug report for a module - Lucene or Solr
projects? I'd hate to see that they open it under their "favorite" (or
worse. random picking) project. If so, it'll become a mess.

* Administration -- everything needs to be done twice. Create versions (same
one !) on both projects, close issues (after release) etc.

* Managing a release now means I should monitor two JIRA projects for the
3.2 (an example) version issues. Why?

I guess I'm not too sure what do two JIRA projects give us. Now that it is
the same project, why not make our (committers and contributors) life easier
by having one JIRA project w/ components:
general/* (test, build)

It's already becoming confusing:
LUCENE-3097: post grouping faceting -- a great example for a module that
both Lucene and Solr users can use. Opened under Lucene project, and depends
on Solr issues (not a big deal)
LUCENE-3104: could easily have been opened under the Solr project. I don't
know why it was opened under Lucene (random maybe?)

Can we merge the two?


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